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Are you feeling overwhelmed about the home-selling or buying process? Anxious about planning your move and settling into a new home? Maybe your home is full of memories that will be hard to leave behind. Or are you excited about starting a new chapter in your life and can’t wait to get started looking for your first home? 

Life takes us in many wonderful directions. In some cases, not always as expected. Often, people’s motivation to begin their real estate journey is due to circumstantial reasons.

  • Your family is growing, and you need to upgrade your space. 
  • Retirement is near and you want to downsize. 
  • You’re a first-time home buyer. 
  • You’re not happy with the current location and want to move closer to work. 
  • Your home requires major renovations, that you would rather not start. 
  • The neighbourhood no longer appeals to you. 
  • Your family is going through a life changing time that requires you to sell. 

Whatever reason you’re starting your real estate journey, Anna and I are here to help.

Selling a property is more than just a transaction; it’s often the biggest financial decision of people’s lives and the one that can deliver a significant return. Helping our clients get the most from their home-selling and buying experience is not just our profession, it’s our passion.

Our valued clients can expect nothing but “Best in Class” service. First and foremost, we pride ourselves on our integrity, diplomacy, and sincerity. We are real people, with real feelings and compassion for our clients. Our business is whole heartedly relationship focused, and our #1 goal is to be your realtors for life.

At ‘A and W’ Realty Group, we are realtors who will put you first, who will carefully listen to your wants and needs and assist you in achieving your real estate goals.

Choosing to work with us, you will find that we provide refreshingly friendly customer service and will always help you make the most of your next sale or purchase!

We appreciate the opportunity to earn your trust as well as your business.

Contact me today and let’s start the conversation!